Brand Story

L'AQUACARE is a fusion of Lifestyle, Aqua and Care


L'AQUACARE is a life-oriented brand with a portfolio of personal care that is unique to experience. We listen carefully to the needs of peoples, focus on the development of non-standard personal care products for consumers who care about the uniqueness. We create tailor-made products that sell to many countries, and successfully built up this new brand value - Personalized Skincare.


Adhering to our core value of custom blended skincare, our products enable everyone to remain true to themselves in their most comfortable way. We realize and respect your uniqueness, unlike no others, and dedicate our products to help you discover your own true beauty style.


L'AQUACARE aims to carefully satisfy everyone’s passion, bring more surprises and funs to life, reform the boring standards, and prepare a free-stylish but decent attitude in skincare development. L'AQUACARE hopes to make skincare fully connected to your personal life, and become an innovative skincare brand for the next generation.


Our technical background

All L'AQUACARE products are developed in our R&D laboratory operated by more than 20 skincare experts and scientists. Every new product is repeatly verified by different experiements until it is perfect before lauch. Physical tests, microbiological tests, stability and compatibility tests are performed in every batch to ensure maximum safety and highest quality. Production is all taking place in our own GMPc facility and pharmaceutical level clean rooms, with traceable records. 


Self Photos / Files - Lab photo